Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Whole30 Halfway - AKA Day 15


 Yesterday was my halfway mark for the Whole30.  I am soooo excited to have made it this far, and I can now see the finish line ahead.  I am not going to lie this has been very difficult, but well worth it and not nearly as hard as I had originally thought it would be since originally I thought it would be completely impossible.

The first week was relatively easy for me as far as cravings go, but the detoxing part was very hard.  I had headaches, which I rarely get, and they were horrible.  There were also a few times where my body was achy, and one day I almost took off work because I felt so ill.  I was also exhausted!  I would usually be in bed by 9:00 p.m. and crawl out of bed at 6:45 a.m.

Luckily I did a lot of research before starting, and found that it was best to prep your food for the week on Sunday.  You are shown how to do this in Melissa Joulwan's cookbook, Well Fed.  She has some great recipes, and I will be reviewing her book in the next week or so.  Cooking everything ahead of time worked out perfectly for me.  I could come home from work and quickly throw something together for dinner and get my lunch ready for the next day.  By then I would be ready for bed.

The second week I felt great!  I was not as tired, and I had energy all day long.  Before the Whole30 I would be exhausted after lunch, and need a Dr. Pepper to make it through the rest of the day.  Now I feel as great in the afternoon as I do in the morning.  I have actually almost completely cut caffeine out of my diet, which has been somewhat unintentional.  I originally planned to keep drinking coffee at breakfast, but I have found that I no longer "need" it to make it through the day.  I do still drink a cup or two on the weekend just because I enjoy it, especially with coconut milk.

The second week did have its own rough spots.  I have been having some crazy cravings.  Before I started the Whole30 I thought that I would miss my glass of wine at dinner and my sweets the most, but it actually has turned out to be carbs and cheese that I want the most.  All my friends and family know that I love cheese.  I never really thought of myself as a carb feind, but apparently I am.  I am constantly wanting biscuits and gravy and bread and french fries and the list goes on and on.  I know it is my body's way of trying to get me to go back to my old ways with comfort food, but I know that I can overcome it, and have some bread and cheese in 14 more days!

You are warned beforehand that you will have some crazy dreams, and I did not think that would really happen to me because I never remember my dreams.  Boy was I wrong!  I have never had so many crazy dreams about food, and they are so realistic.  So far in my dreams I have eaten three packages of Twix bars and eaten fries with ketchup and drank a Dr. Pepper.  Each time I am so guilt ridden in my dream (there is even crying involved sometimes), and wake up questioning if I really did indulge in those items and ruin my Whole30.  Luckily, so far I have stuck 100% to my detox and do not plan to cheat.  Mainly because cheating is not an option with the Whole30.  They state it right there on their website, "Don’t even consider the possibility of a 'slip'."  I have kind of made this my mantra for the Whole30.  Anytime I even try to think of maybe cheating I realize that the only one I will be cheating is myself, and that is just not worth it so me.

Tomorrow I will be posting 10 things that I have learned so far on Whole30.  Have you learned anything from your Whole30?

When things get tough just remember this - "Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'" - Audrey Hepburn

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