Monday, March 25, 2013

Weekend Roundup

Happy Monday.  I hope that your weekend was as great as mine.  I not only had fun, but I was also very productive.  Saturday I got up early, which has gotten very easy thanks to my Whole30, to go to my hair appointment.  I just got a quick trim.

After that I ran to the mall to return some things, and ended up buying a few new things as well.  Isn't that how it goes?  You go to return something and you end up spending more money.  Oh well I love my new purchases, and luckily the return helped to offset the price of my new purchase.  I then went to Whole Foods and Sprouts to pick up a few groceries that I had missed on my weekly shopping trip.  Then I headed to Staples to get some book plates for a project that I found on Pinterest, and am planning to do.  I will post about it as soon as I'm done.

Next on my list of things to do was to go and visit my friends Tina and Tera.  Tina is teaching me how to sew, and we had a very productive day.  I created 3 things that I had found on Pinterest:  a coffee cup cozy,  a tissue pouch, and an infinity scarf.  The tissue pouch and infinity scarf came out great.  I have a few adjustments that I will make next time I do these projects, but I am very happy with the way they turned out for a first try.  We made a little mistake on the coffee cup cozy.  I put the elastic the wrong way, so you can't use it to hook on to the button.  Oh well now I know for next time!  They were all super easy to make, and I will be posting more about them as part of my "I came, I pinned, I created" series.

The rest of the night I just hung out at home and watched some "Sex and the City."  I love that show.  Luckily I own all of the seasons, and about once a year I will watch all six seasons (I especially like to do this after a break up.  It always makes me feel better for some reason.).  I am currently on season 6 part one, so sadly I am nearing the end.

Sunday I got up early again (I just can't seem to sleep in anymore, but at least I get a lot done on the weekends), and took Bella to get her nails trimmed.  They were getting pretty long (to be honest she pretty much had talons and I was fearing for the safety of my eyes), and I was tired of getting scratched in my sleep.  After that I came home and started my Spring cleaning.  I cleaned my dresser and my desk in my bedroom, and boy does it look a lot better in there now.  Originally, I was planning to switch out my winter/spring clothes, but then we had a crazy cold snap and I decided I better wait another week.

After the cleaning I did some cooking for the week.  I made home-made mayo, asparagus, chicken salad, sweet potato hash browns, and banana nut porridge.  Everything came out great!  I especially loved the banana nut porridge.  It will be so nice for the next couple of days when it is a little chilly out.  I sure have missed my oatmeal on the Whole30, and yes I know it is probably SWYPO, but this close to the end I think its okay.

Lastly I caught up on some writing for the blog.  How was your weekend?

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